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MUSASHI | Industrial equipment | NCSIMUL Machine
«The software processes 3x faster than the company's previous simulation program»
Mr. Baba | Manager of the Development Department
HOFMANN | Medical | NCSIMUL Machine
«We are well equipped for the future»
Markus Graef | Project Manager for automation and standardization
ASCENTEC | Industrial equipment | NCSIMUL Machine
«High-speed manufacturing has been one of the greatest strengths of our business, helping to produce higher-quality work and shorten turnaround times for our customers»
Gilliat David | Director of Manufacturing and Machining Technology
TURBOMECA | Aerospace - Defense | NCSIMUL Machine
«NCSIMUL Machine is a must-have; we were into payback as of year 2»
CAZENAVE-LAROCHE Gilles | Head of engineering
SIDEL | Consumer goods | NCSIMUL Machine
«We are sure to generate ROI in just five months, a result that is totally in line with our corporate culture in terms of cost optimization and productivity.»
KEROULLE Franck | Industrialization & Method - Central Tooling at SIDEL
RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING | Automotive - Transportation equipment | NCSIMUL Machine
«Before NCSIMUL Machine, we had no way to program and simulate the second operation using the stock that remained from the first op.»
CLIFTON Kiziah | RCR Manufacturing Engineer
«We use NCSIMUL Machine to come up with simulations for our different types of machines. It’s proven pretty easy to create simulations for a new machine.»
ERICKSON Mark | Paragon NC Programmer
BOBST | Industrial equipment | NCSIMUL Machine
«With NCSIMUL Machine, we save 50% of machine time, i.e. 20 hours for the first machining run.»
FUCHS Pascal | CAM system Manager at BOBST's VPLM Group Competence center
HISPANO-SUIZA | Aerospace - Defense | NCSIMUL Machine
«NCSIMUL Machine has delivered an average gain of 10% and sometimes much more.»
QUEMERAIS Norbert | Representative & Coordinator in Poland – HSP technical Advisor de Hispano-Suiza
ALSTOM POWER HYDRO | Process power - Petroleum | NCSIMUL Machine
«My cutting tools last longer and my machines also run smoother! With the use of NCSIMUL Machine and Optitool, we don’t add gains, but we multiply them!»
LI Jungai | Tianjin ALSTOM Hydro Senior Technical Engineer
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